This is what we are, this is how we work.


To be the leading light for those who want to make the world a better place through renewable energy.

The winning European partner alongside those who work in the photovoltaic sector.


With passion and experience we produce solutions that guide our partners to achieve success.

We are a people centred company where service is part of the product we sell, we want to ensure the best experience for our partners.

Our values


All our actions are oriented towards ethical and fair development. We operate with integrity, fairness and mutual trust.


Experience without curiosity becomes obsolescence. Each team member shares his/her knowledge and absorbs that of colleagues to improve processes and increase corporate know-how.


Passion drives us to tackle even impossible challenges. The energy we put into our daily actions comes from our love for our work.

Team work

Our strength comes from cooperation between colleagues and between partners. We promote a work-life balance because everyone's well-being is a prerequisite for an unbeatable team.

Long-term approach

We create value that lasts. All our activities aim for excellence, to create lasting relationships and develop long-term sustainable solutions.


Beyond renewable energy

We plant trees all over the world to give to our partners, they can follow their story, creating a connection that lasts forever.