Building Integrated Photovoltaic


Solarday also offers a Transparent PV Integration Module. By allowing sunlight to pass through, our transparent module has a modern design and sleek finish, and is ideal for agri-voltaic systems and PV integration buildings. Our models are available in 36 and 48 cells with transparency levels up to 46% and PMax up to 215W.


Colored Modules

We offer our range of standard products, with color finish in RED / GREEN Photovoltaic Modules. These BIPV Solutions offer the possibility of maintaining a standard production in its manufacture, which allows to have a short delivery time, and also allows the use of any mounting system in the market.


Photovoltaic Roof Tile

The architectural integration of photovoltaic tiles in buildings makes it possible to create glazed surfaces that, in addition to being an aesthetic and functional novelty, generate electrical energy, improving the thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings, allowing solar control and electrical autonomy with consequent energy savings.


Roof Integrated Photovoltaic System

Customisable and appealing solar roof that fully blends in with the aesthetic of any structure. It substitutes traditional roofing material by seamlessly integrating into any roof. Its high energy efficiency changes the way homes work and reduces CO2 emissions making the building sustainable.
Let us know your special needs, lead time on building constructions and the kind of finishing required. We manufacture modules fully customized in power, size for roofs, façades and carports.

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